Monday, January 31, 2011

The United States of Terrorists

Here's the lead paragraph from an AP story today:

"A foreign intelligence report says that the control systems of Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant have been penetrated by a computer worm unleashed last year — and is warning of a possible Chernobyl-like disaster once the site becomes fully operational."

The United States planted that worm. Think about it. Can you imagine how we would react if a foreign government inserted a computer worm into our nuclear facilities -- and turned them into potential Chernobyl disasters?

What would we do? We'd go mad, that's what we'd do. Civilized nations do not act this way. Yet this is exactly what the United States has done in Iran -- and it confirms that the United States is the greatest force for terrorism in the world today. I cannot imagine the rage this is causing in Iran.

The United States -- getting more disgusting by the day.