Monday, May 14, 2012

Bloomberg's remarks on gay marriage bittersweet

Isn't it marvelous? Mikey Bloomberg trotted off to North Carolina to give a commencement speech in which he chastised NC for outlawing gay marriage. He looks like such a good guy in his festive gown, doesn't he? Goshes. Here's an excerpt from his remarks:
"Each and every generation has removed some barrier to full participation in the American dream. That work is not over. Far from it," Bloomberg said. "And I would argue last week’s referendum banning same-sex marriage shows just how much more work needs to be done to ensure freedom and equality for all people."
Watta guy, huh? But here in NYC we know the real Mayor Mikey Bloomberg. And there is no doubt that he is the enemy of every citizen of color who doesn't have a million dollars in his bank account. Read today's NYT editorial -- The Injustices of Stop and Frisk -- for the other side of the story.

Champion of human rights? I don't think so. Mikey cleaves closely to the Nazi side of the aisle. He is utterly contemptible.

Photo credit: Takaaki Iwabu/The News & Observer via AP