Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stupid things believers say

Believers have a hope, an expectation, a promise of eternal life in heaven, while atheists have, well, nothing. I believe that the Bible is telling us that there is more awaiting Believers after their lives on earth have ended. Ultimately if it turns out there is no God and no heaven, Believers would have lost nothing while atheists have lost everything.

-- Anonymous commenter quoted by Ed Brayton on his blog.
That is so funny. You'll have lost nothing by believing in god if it turns out it's all hogwash? You've lost your life, you idiot! You didn't see anything around you because your view was muffled by layers and layers of lies. You missed the meaning of life --  totally. It amazes me when I hear people talking about how atheists have "nothing". Duh. It sure doesn't feel that way to us. We've got everything but god -- which pretty much describes all of reality.