Friday, May 18, 2012

Two tales from the yard

I put out bird seed the other day, which I hadn't done for a while. Soon, a group of adult geese came over to eat the seed. It was a pleasant sight and I watched them for a bit and then returned to work. Moments later, there was a huge ruckus in the yard so I went to see what was up. Milo, the leader of the flock, had returned and was apparently enraged at the sight of the adults eating the seed. He fought them all back and then allowed the chicks to come forward. They ate while the others watched quietly. You gotta have your priorities straight, and Milo is clear about his. He was teaching them a lesson. (NB: This should also serve as a lesson for humans who would take funds from education and after-school programs while making sure their own paychecks are lushly padded. Just saying.)

The other incident I relate secondhand. It was reported to me by my sister. She said she saw all the chicks together on the lawn one morning and -- as the adults around them calmly watched -- a coyote slowly walked over to the chicks, took one by the neck and walked away with it. No one even squawked. Nature's compromise, understood and acknowledged? It does seem odd, at least to us. But the geese seemed to understand and accept the situation.

Spring is here, with all its bells and whistles and babies. I'll bet you've seen some interesting things in your own area. Do tell.