Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheap perfume

All perfume smells cheap, no matter what you pay for it. However, my axe to grind today is of another sort.

I bought many, many boxes of tissues at the supermarket the other day. To me, a table is undressed if there's no box of tissues on it. They must be everywhere. This morning, I opened one and there's some dreadful, cheap, floozy perfume on the tissues! Ugh.

If you're going to put cheap perfume in an item, tell me on the box! I want to avoid this item like the plague. Do you understand? Apparently these days they do it backwards, only stating when cheap, floozy perfume isn't included in the item. So now I have to search for perfume-free tissues? When did they get the bright idea to dip tissues into a bottle of Joy perfume, anyway? What idiot came up with this idea? Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Before closing the topic out, what's with these women who dump a bottle of perfume over their head before leaving the house? They're a menace -- a walking cloud of noxious odor. I swear, when one of these women comes anywhere near me, I cringe. Get a grip, ladies. And maybe go have your nose looked at. You can't smell stuff.