Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mr. Baseball, 2012 edition

So far it's been a mega-year for baseball fans. You might not see it this way if you're a Cubs fan, but a ton of other teams have been playing really, really well.

It's the pitching. It's so damn good lately. I've never watched so many good pitcher-duels. My guy, Gio Gonzalez is doing splendidly, as is R.A. Dickie, my favorite pitcher. It's come down to the Nats and the Mets for me. They're my teams this year. The Mets were always my team but the Nats finally got good enough to be exciting.

And it's not just the pitchers who make the Nats great. If you're not a baseball fan, you probably don't even know who Bryce Harper is. He's a kid who just came up for the Nats and instantly became a baseball star. This kid is baseball personified. It's always fun to watch him play.

The best game so far was the one between the Nats and the Phillies where asshole Cole Hamels, trying to look like a guy, purposely hit Bryce Harper in the back with a pitch. He admitted it later: he tried to hit this 19-year-old kid who'd just come up and had never done anything to him in his life. What a cowardly move. Cole Hamels, you will always suck, in my eyes. Always.

But Bryce got on base because Cole hit him, and then he stole not one but two bases, including home. He got back at Hamels, big-time. You gotta love a kid like that. And this is the way he plays every night. Baseball got a lot better the day Bryce Harper joined the game.

Sorry if you're not a baseball fan and are bored by these posts. I read a few bloggers regularly who like other sports, and I'm totally uninterested in their posts (because they're about football, for instance). What can I say? If you're not into baseball, skip these posts.

Anyone else out there enthused by the current baseball season? It's a great year.