Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bill Donohue tries to get all huffy

While trying to defend the gay pope's masculinity against a diss by Andrew Sullivan, the odious, hateful and incredibly stupid Bill Donohue said this:
But if the pope were truly gay, why doesn’t he have that prototypical gay lisp? Nor has anyone ever accused him of being a narcissist, another trait associated with homosexuals.
Donohue is NYC's resident Catholic loon. He ended his post this way:
I confess I don’t know enough about Andrew Sullivan’s “mental architecture” to explain why his intrinsic disorder manifests itself in such a vile way. That it does is beyond dispute.
The current (for the day, anyway) popey guy says gays are "intrinsically disordered". Wow, Bill Donohue certainly knows how to defend the pope, huh? What a jerk! If heaven is filled with people like this, the take-home message here is to avoid heaven at all costs. Don't forget! 

(While I'm on the topic, avoid the white light, too. I think that's a scam; always have. If you go into the light, you'll be in pain forever!)