Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The popey guy's last speech

Actually, it wasn't bad. Ratzinger sounded more human than he has in the past. I like the ending of the NYT article about his last pontification from the Holy Window. They'd just mentioned that cardinal Keith O'Brien stepped down because of gay sex allegations. He will not help elect the new popey guy. However, back at the Vatican ranch...
His exit came as at least a dozen other cardinals tarnished with accusations that they had failed to remove priests accused of sexually abusing minors were among those gathering in Rome to prepare for the conclave. 

But there was no indication that the church’s promise to confront the sexual abuse scandal had led to direct pressure on those cardinals to exempt themselves from the conclave. 
The church doesn't care about its criminal behavior -- and never will. Bring on the eats! We got us a popey guy to elect!