Thursday, February 28, 2013

Timmy speaks

The words of Cardinal Timmy Dolan:
“Look, there’s always been sin, there’s always been scandal, there’s always been some corruption in the members of the church. At a time like this when the church is under such intense scrutiny, those are obviously going to come through. We refer to the church as the mystical body of Christ. There are warts on the mystical body, there are scars, and as St. Augustine says, often the mystical body of Christ limps because the church is in pain. The church is sometimes wounded, and we see that now.”
Never a word for the raped children. Not. One. Syllable. Timmy would be the perfect pope. Hates gays? Check. Never speaks up for women? Check. Doesn't care about kids raped by priests? Double-check. Go, Timmeh!