Friday, February 10, 2012

Airdrop works like a dream

On Black Friday, I bought the cheapest MacBook Air. No bells or whistles, just the essential Apple goodness -- and it was $100 bucks off. I use it only for writing. It has no photos on it, no music, just Scrivener (my writing program) and the zillion useful apps that come with every Mac.

I bought a Mac laptop because I knew it would work well with my desktop computer. And boy, does it! Both computers are running Lion, Apple's latest OS, which means I can use Airdrop to transfer files between the two. It works so well, it's frightening.

I can work on Xmas Carol on my desktop computer for a few hours and then drop the file on the icon of the Air. That's all I have to do. Then I leave with the Air, work on the book some more and when I get back, I drop the file on the icon of the desktop computer. And that's it. They're in synch. It's amazing.

We always knew that computers would work like magic someday. Thanks to Apple, some of that magic is here.