Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paragraph death match

Things are great in Xmas Carol land. I like what I read, no matter where in the book I stop. At this point I'm just wandering through the text and enjoying the scenery . . . but every now and then an ornery paragraph surfaces and it and I engage in a death match.

I swear, at times I'll spend over two hours on one paragraph. It drives me crazy. There I am, happily driving through the book when I have to pull up next to a paragraph that doesn't sound right (or doesn't work logically, which is even worse). In any case, I don't like the paragraph. I'm mad at it. So I smack it around and try to say the thing every which-what way . . . and this goes on and on and on. Today I wrangled with one for over an hour and finally highlighted the whole damn thing and clicked "delete". Sometimes that's the only way out.

But despite my grappling with the occasional rude paragraph, the book is done. My sister is reading it, my nephew is reading it and my brother-in-law is reading it. Mostly, I want to see if they notice any typos, but of course it's always fun to get people's reactions. My nephew hasn't read it before, though my sister and her husband have. Thankfully, the latter two will find this version quite different.

By the way, speaking of fabulous catches (which is what editing is all about) I found an awful typo yesterday. I swear, some typos are the kind that can haunt your forever. I almost let one through:
Here's the set-up: a female character wondered why she was dressing with such care for a date. The final line in the paragraph was the answer to her question. It was supposed to say: "He was worth it." But reading the scene yesterday I found that it said: "He was worth tit." And this paragraph led right into a sex scene. Lord! It would have looked like I meant to say that. Typos from hell.
Anyway, all is well. The book should be out in a week or so -- as soon as my final pre-publication reviews roll in. (Read quickly, people!) Thanks for hanging in with me, everybody.