Monday, February 6, 2012

We should thank the popey guy, not revile him

In one of the emptiest gestures yet, the Vatican held a closed-door meeting in Rome, allegedly as a way to move forward in the church's golden era of child abuse, but really to hide it away and plaster praise on the worst offenders.

Here's an excerpt from the story:
ROME (AP) — A top American cardinal on Monday defended Pope Benedict's handling of sexual abuse cases by clergy, saying he should be praised not criticized, as advocates for abuse victims demanded that the Vatican release its secret files on pedophile priests. 
Indeed. And who said this? Why, it was a "top American cardinal", Cardinal Levada, the very man who preceded the popey guy in the position of "head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the church office ensuring doctrinal purity and, in recent decades, also shaping the Holy See's policies on handling abuse cases involving clergy."

So Levada oversaw the early days of the pedophile scandal, and then handed the reins to the popey guy, who put whipped cream and a cherry on top. These two men are the walking piles of moral decay who allowed the child abuse scandal to continue, the very men who protected the pedophile priests while ensuring that children remained in danger.

And what was Levada's function at this grand meeting? He was the symposium's keynote opening speaker. Here's more of his nonsense:
Levada lamented that the pope "has had to suffer attacks by the media over these past years in various parts of the world when he should receive the gratitude of us all, in the Church and outside it." 
Oh, the poor popey guy. My heart bleeds. By the way, the church's next move will be to create 22 new cardinals. Among them is archbishop Timothy Dolan, the evil man in charge of persecuting gay people for the church, and another evil twit. Here's a takeout from the story that describes this gem of a priest:
Next week, Benedict will raise 22 churchmen to the rank of cardinal, including a former bishop of Savona, Italy, who abuse victims allege failed to act for years on accusations of pedophile cases in that diocese. Monsignor Domenico Calcagno currently heads a Vatican office. 
Sweet. The church is a criminal organization and it is crowning new mafia dons. Anyone who remains a catholic in light of all the church has done, is morally bankrupt.