Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cenk is a joy

When the world grew dark during the Bush years, Keith Olbermann really lifted my spirits. I'd never heard anyone talk like that on TV. Bill Maher was another bright light in those days. I can't watch either of them anymore, but that's another story.

Today, in our new, brain-free American society of willfully ignorant religious gits and greedy grab-everythings, Cenk Uygur is a breath of fresh air. I thank dog that he exists.

I think Cenk is sweet. I love his honesty and persistence and the way he's emotionally transparent. I like what I see inside this man. I also find him to be impressive. None of what he says is scripted yet he puts out a coherent show every evening. The guy's smart and he never gets lost as he's presenting complex information. Our Cenk can think on his feet. That's a real talent.

What he's doing is teaching. Each night for an hour, Cenk schools America and explains what's going on in our country, clearly and simply. He's quite a guy. I wonder how long they'll continue to let him speak the truth, and how they'll try to bring him down. Compared to Cenk, Rachel Maddow wears a muzzle when she does her show. The powers that be must be salivating over the prospect of taking him down. They see this guy as dangerous. To them, he's Bradley Manning. And you know what? They're right. I think both deserve medals of honor.

Go, Cenk!

PS: He's having John Ratzenberger on Friday's show -- Cliff Clavin from Cheers! Is that must-see TV or what?

PPS: Just in case you don't know Cenk is, his  show is The Young Turks. It's on weeknights on Current TV at 7 PM. Watch it!