Saturday, February 11, 2012

This and that

One of the odd things about getting old is the fact you can't count on your face anymore. Somedays it's great. You look in the mirror and think, "By Jove, I've still got it!" But only days later, it's all gone and there's an ancient person peering back at you. It's like your face hasn't got enough energy to remain poised so every now and then, the whole scaffold collapses. It's kinda fun!

Next unrelated thing: What is with this label of "atheist"? There has never been a dumber term. Think of the difference between "progressive" and "atheist". They're both labels, right? But there's a big difference. One tells what the person is while the other tells you nothing about the person, nothing at all. Not being something is not worthy of a label. Do we say non-blueberrious for people who don't eat blueberries? No, it doesn't come up because it's irrelevant (unless you're at a blueberry festival). Similarly, atheist just denotes a normal person whose brain isn't fogged by fairytales. But it's not a positive statement of anything. Knowing someone is an atheist tells you nothing about the person.

And for your final, unrelated note of the day, let us laugh at this idiotic term: erectile dysfunction. I find it a funny phrase. It's so active. Erectile -- why, that's just like projectile. It's so manly! And powerful. And comin' atcha. Jesus, guys, get a grip. (No pun intended.)

That is all.