Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back-up saves the day

Two days ago, I had a nightmare experience. After completing Xmas Carol, I was noodling around with the format when I somehow lost a huge part of the book. Can you imagine? I was aghast.

But since I'm a good-good person, I had just backed it up. I roll with one inviolable rule: if you've done work that you don't want to repeat, back it up. Having just finished Xmas Carol, I certainly felt there was something worthwhile to back up, and I did so immediately.

For this reason, I was able to restore the book completely from the back-up drive. Do it, kids: back-up. One day it will save your ass. Never skip a back-up after putting in a big day of work. And send a copy of your work to another site. If your house burns down and the only place your book exists is on your computer and the back-up drive sitting right next to it, you've lost the farm.

My books exist in three places at all times. And I back up constantly. If you value your work product, you will too.