Thursday, March 3, 2011

Popey guy cool with the Jews

I won't even link to the story, because really, who cares what the old twit says. But just to recount the irony, I'll dive in for a casual paragraph or two.

So let's see. Yesterday, the popey guy said the Jews were definitely not responsible for the death of Christ -- (and then rambled on to say, well, maybe a few were, but never mind). Basically his statement is that the entirety of Jews did not cause the death of jeebus. Was that big of him, or what? I mean, the entirety of any people never caused anything because entire peoples do not take actions. So what did he really say? Sort of nothing, while still blaming a few Jews here and there for causing jeebus' death.

Meanwhile, the damned Vatican caused the Holocaust by spreading this idea that "the Jews killed Christ". This has been the church's line forever. So isn't it sweet of the popey guy to try to take it back now? So let's see, this apology took over two thousand years to come about . . . and in the meantime six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

Thanks, popey guy! You're a big help, as always. Go stick your head in a toilet bowl.

Note Carmine's black popey guy picture. Eerie and evil. I like it!