Monday, March 21, 2011

Time to write the synopsis

When you submit a manuscript to a publisher, you send it out with a cover letter and synopsis. Today I plan to write the synopsis for Xmas Carol.

As I understand it, a synopsis is basically the same as a blurb -- the paragraph or two on the back of the book that catches your attention and drags you to the cash register to buy the book. But with a synopsis, the blurb isn't just a tease -- you tell the entire story of the book -- and do so in just a few pages.

Sounds easy, right? I hope it will be. I did this for another of my books, The Worlds, the first sci-fi book I wrote. I never sent that out because I still want to rewrite parts of the book. But I did complete the cover letter and synopsis. They sound pretty damn good, too.

So that's the plan. By nightfall I hope to have a compelling, punchy description of the book. Then I'll write the cover letter tomorrow -- and that's it. Then it's time for Xmas Carol to visit a publisher.