Monday, March 7, 2011

T-shirt slogans

Once in a while, I come up with a pithy line that seems like it belongs on a T-shirt. Here are a few of my slogans. I want all of you to put these on T-shirts and wear them to church.


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I understand and I wish to continue.

Religion is hatred with a halo.

Sin. It's good, real good.

If heaven is filled with Christians, it must be avoided it all costs.

Everyone who believes in god is a traitor to mankind.

Faith is the problem, not the solution.

No matter how hard we look, there is no evidence for God. 
This is called a "clue".

"We will smear our shi_ty asses across your sky."
 Signed, The Religious Right

Just say no to god. [Alternate version: "Just say no to faith."]

There is no god.
This message brought to you by the Department of Mental Health.