Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Important advice about ovarian cancer

The NYT has a great story this morning about the inadequate treatment given to 2/3 of women who have ovarian cancer. It's frightening.

Here's the short version. If you or anyone you know has ovarian cancer, go to a gynecological oncologist -- not to a general oncologist or gynecologist.
Surgeons who lack expertise in ovarian cancer should refer women to specialists if the women are suspected to have the disease, but often do not, Dr. Goff said. 
Why? Because they're unfamiliar with ovarian cancer and because they want to make more money. Read the story to learn the details. It seems that because women who suffer from ovarian cancer are older and less active (i.e., less likely to be activists than those who have breast cancer), the correct treatment remains largely unknown to both women and gynecologists.

Seriously, read the article. And when you encounter someone who has ovarian cancer, speak up and get them to a gynecological oncologist who handles at least 20 or more ovarian cancer cases a year.