Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Justices in a sensible mood?

As I try to ignore the fact that the Supreme Court has a strangle-hold on gay marriage today, this news comes out of the court:
The Supreme Court says police using a dog to sniff outside a Miami-area house being used to grow marijuana violated the homeowner's constitutional rights.
Could it be that they're in a sensible mood? Or are they trying to get sensibility out of their system so they can go wild as they attack gay marriage? BTW, Alito isn't happy with this decision.
Justice Samuel Alito wrote the dissent, saying police did not trespass on the property by coming up to the front door with the dog. Alito also said people cannot expect that odors will not make it outside a house, where they can be detected by dogs. 
Have you ever looked at Alito? There is fear in his eyes at all times. The message his facial expression sends to me is, "I know I'm scum and don't deserve to be in this position." The guy has no confidence. None. He's like an adolescent -- and dangerous for that very reason.