Friday, March 8, 2013

The last words of Hugo Chavez

According to media reports, Hugo Chavez's final words were, "I don't want to die." Tch, tch. Folks, when you're about to die, watch your mouth. You do not want pathetic words to be your epitaph.

Plan your final words. I suggest stuff like, "And they never knew," coupled with a wry smile. Those would be great last words. Remember, you want to say something that can be taken several different ways. Vagueness is the key. Always leave them wondering.

This rich vein of discussion reminds me of something that was on the news recently. If you're a hugely fat man, don't eat donuts on live TV. If Christie dies in the near future -- like within ten years -- they're going to show that chomp on a donut over and over and over. Don't make yourself out to be a fool, even if you are one.

As for my last words, I plan to say "Shut up and go read Xmas Carol." Even though it's a voice message, I'll figure some way to add the link. Have you decided on your final words? What will they be?