Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And now for something completely different

Once again, the world is too boring to write about. So let's talk about great stuff to buy.

Now that it's Spring, the bugs have awakened. And as you know, you can't stop them from coming into your house. But have no fear. There's a great way to handle this and it doesn't harm the bugs. It's called BugZooka. I have one and often give them to people as presents.

It is so great to see a big, evil-looking spider and know that your trusty BugZooka is a few feet away. It takes the horror out of the process. And you can release the bugs outside, if you like -- totally unharmed. The other (evil) option is to soak a cotton ball in bug-killer and put that in the tip of the BugZooka. Then when you suck a bug in, it dies. But whatever you do with the bug, I think you'll agree that it's heaven to have the bug in the tube, so it can't crawl into a hidey-hole in your house -- and come out to haunt you again. Seriously, check it out. It's 25 bucks and works with a spring, rather than batteries. I can't imagine living without one in the warm months.

The other great thing I bought recently is a type of food storage container. It's called Kinetic Go Green Glass Lock. (Catchy, huh?) I wanted to toss all my BPA-laden, plastic food-storage containers and get something made from glass. This item is made of super-strong, thick, incredibly smooth glass with a BPA-free plastic cover. It's ready for everything, including taking it directly from the freezer and tossing it in the microwave. Strong like bull, this glass. The size I've linked to is 37 oz., which is a nice single-serving dinner size. And it's less than 24 bucks for a set of three of these storage items! They clean up easily, too. I'm super pleased. In fact, I just ordered a whole bunch more.

This is better than talking about the dreadful news, isn't it? So go buy stuff. (And no, I'm not involved in either company. This is just a friendly heads-up.)

Bought anything faaaaabulous lately? Do tell.