Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old popeyguy returns to Vatican

I couldn't remain unplugged. I couldn't! Apparently, they whisked the former popeyguy into the Vatican by helicopter. It was very hush-hush.
No live TV coverage of the former pope's return was allowed by the Vatican. 
He is the pope who will never be seen, or so the Vatican fervently hopes. I think the curia should look into getting one of those invisibility shields from the US. They could drape it over the old popeyguy and he could trot around the Vatican without anyone being the wiser.

I imagine him standing next to cardinals, unbeknownst to them, and whispering hateful things in their ears.
"This new popeyguy is a liberal crazyman. He is the anti-Christ! You must defy him -- or you risk losing your immortal soul!"
And then he'd sneak away to whisper hateful things in the next set of holy ears. He might even influence Pope Frankie by whispering in his ear.
"You're a bad pope! You're not as good as the old pope! You are possessed by demons!"
I imagine this would work out nicely.