Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Religion makes some people do good things

And then they're arrested and put on trial. Why? Because: USA! USA! USA!

I love this story. As a protest, three old people made it all the way into a nuclear plant in Tennessee. Asked why they did this, Sister Megan Rice, one of the threesome, stated "It is manufacturing that which can only cause death."

She's 1,000% right about that. We're killing future generations by maintaining nuclear plants that produce highly radioactive material that can kill for 50,000 years. And did I mention there's no plan -- none at all --- to deal with the spent nuclear fuel that is piling up at every reactor on the face of the Earth? (Note how well this worked out for Fukushima.)

Although the three are religious -- to the point where they believe a "miracle" led them to the uranium-rich area of the plant -- they're also very cool.
The defendants spent two hours inside the Y-12 National Security Complex. They cut through security fences, hung banners, strung crime-scene tape and hammered off a small chunk of the fortress-like Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, or HEUMF, inside the most secure part of complex. 
I really liked this part:
[Sister Megan] Rice said she didn't feel obligated to ask the Catholic bishop in the area for permission to act at Y-12. Challenged by a prosecutor about whether it would have been a courtesy to inform superiors of her plans, Rice responded: "I've been guilty of many discourtesies in my life."
You have to love American nuns. They're just great. But now these three are on trial and may face 20 years in prison! Yeah, that makes sense. They showed that anyone can make into the most secure part of a nuclear facility -- and some people find this problematic. Go figure. I think what really happened is that these three old people showed that the emperor has no clothes. And the emperor is not pleased. They should receive a citizenship medal, not be on trial.