Sunday, May 5, 2013

Violent Bangladeshis seek theocracy

Police in Bangladesh's capital fired rubber bullets to disperse stone-throwing Islamic activists Sunday during a protest to demand that the government enact an anti-blasphemy law

Police said protesters also set many shops and at least 30 vehicles on fire. Authorities deployed more than 15,000 security forces in the capital.
So why were these gits hell-bent on forcing the country to enact an anti-blasphemy law? Something huge must have precipitated this event, right?
The group says some Internet users have recently used their blogs to spread atheism and lies about Islam. 
There you go. Just another day in the life of god's peaceful people, doing god's work. One man was killed and 45 were injured. But it was done for god, so everything's okay. God is sort of a universal Get Out Of Jail Free card. You can do anything in god's name -- even nuke countries, probably. It must be great to have god on your side.