Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is disgusting

You know the story about the five-year-old who killed his two-year-old sister with a rifle? I tried to ignore it but it was on so many web sites, I finally read the story. Oy. Here are a couple of outtakes:
"It's a Crickett," White said, referring to a company that specifically makes guns, clothes and books for children. "It's a little rifle for a kid. ... The little boy's used to shooting the little gun." 
Are you throwing up yet. Wait!
The company's slogan is "my first rifle" and its website has a "Kids Corner" section where pictures of young boys and girls are displayed, most of them showing the children at shooting ranges and on bird and deer hunts.  
Okay, you can throw up now. What is wrong with these people? Ugh.