Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vatican raises a glass to homophobia

Without ever mentioning sexual orientation (because they know the EU would blast them for it), the Vatican issued a tremendously deceptive message. The "Statement of the Holy See delivered by Bishop Mario Toso, SDB, at the High Level Conference on Tolerance and Non-discrimination (including Human Rights Youth Education)" is riddled with hatred of gays. But it's couched in terms that make it seem as if it's the Christians who are being discriminated against. And why? Just because the poor, sweet, dears do hateful things to gay people. But, and here's the heart of the message, they just can't help themselves. Jeebus wants them to be hateful! It's their religious duty, or something.

The basic idea contained in the statement of the "Holy See" (I love that term) is that their compelling religious need to hate gay people is, well, it's being cramped by tedious legislation and cries of intolerance. Yes, it's the "you won't tolerate my intolerance!" argument again.

Here are the relevant portions of the Holy See's document. (Crossed-out remarks represent the actual meaning of words that follow.)
In recent years there has been a significant increase in incidents involving Christians who have been arrested and even prosecuted, for going after gay people with pitchforks and knives speaking on Christian issues. Religious leaders are threatened with police action after preaching about their godly hatred of all things gay sinful behaviour and some are even sentenced to prison for hate crimes against gays preaching on the biblical teaching against sexual immorality.

The second area where intolerance against Christians can clearly be seen is in regard to the entirely Christian urge to hurt gay people Christian conscience, particularly in the workplace. Throughout Europe there have been numerous instances of Christians being removed from the workplace simply for acting viciously and without rational cause seeking to act according to their conscience.

Participating OSCE States must therefore guarantee that Christians are allowed to be as hateful as their god wants them to be intolerance and discrimination against Christians is ended, enabling Christians to stalk and harm gay people speak freely on issues that the government or others may find disagreeable, and please their hateful god, even at work act on their consciences in the workplace and elsewhere.
I guess the Vatican is really down with the violence against gays, huh? They're probably cheering about the anti-gay attacks that took place in NY in recent weeks. And -- coincidentally, of course -- America's bishops, led by the ever-smiling, always anti-gay, almost-pope Timmy Dolan, are handing out a "special bulletin" calling for anti-gay sermons at masses nationwide this Sunday. This will be especially appreciated in New York, where so many gay bashings have happened lately. Timmy, you make this violence happen to gays. (This article provides the details.)

That's quite a hate convention church they've got there.

Hat tip: Joe Jervis