Friday, May 24, 2013

"Making" the bed

I've always found that phrase odd: one "makes" a bed. You hear it all the time. Mom: "Did you make the bed?! No?! Get in there and do it now!!" It's like the bed doesn't even exist until you fashion it from thin air, using sheets and a cover. Now it's a bed!

Anyway, let's dive below the phrasing and consider this activity. Why, oh why, do people "make" their beds? Fer hevvin's sake, you've been sleeping in the damn bed all night long. Let the poor thing breathe a bit. It's insane to bury your bed under covers, especially if you do this the instant you wake up.

I have my own system that I've used for decades. I sort of half-drape the bed, leaving open to the air the section where a body usually lies. Then when I get into bed at night, I just pull the covers over me. And everything's nice and fresh.

Don't "make" your bed. It's uncivilized. Any other opinions out there?