Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm almost there

I've edited 3/4 of Xmas Carol -- and this time it's for real. Within a few weeks I'll be able to say it's done. Phew. Only took forever.

I like the way it sounds. Soon I'll look into finding someone to do the cover. (Casey's not a definite at this time.) But somehow, some way, I'll get the cover done and publish the book. Xmas Carol needs to see the light of day -- or perhaps the dark. In any case, it needs to leave my house and venture out into the world. It's time.

This is so nice. Afterward, I'm going to dive into my two sci-fi books (The Worlds and The Pod, the God and the Planet) and finish them up. I've read that it's best to offer more than one book for sale. If people see only one book listed under an author's name, they figure there's a good chance you're an untalented wingnut who only thinks that he can write. But if you have a few books for sale, this makes people think you're a writer. I read this on the internet so it must be true.

I think I'll knock out those two other books right away. Meanwhile, Xmas Carol can sink or swim on its own. I'll mention it here and there on the internet and hope someone reads it. After all three books are out there (or at least two), I'll focus on getting the world to notice them. Dog knows how I'll do that, but I will. This is the plan.