Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why the feds raid legal marijuana dispensaries

It's simple, really: money. Let's start with a similar tale and then work our way around to marijuana. Remember when people used to be able to afford cigarettes?

Little by little, government put exorbitant taxes on cigarettes while outlawing smoking in more and more places. They said they did it for our health. Funny, that.

As the government worked to make it virtually impossible to continue smoking, the drug industry simultaneously set up companies to market nicotine in manners other than smoking. They produced nicotine patches and gums -- and then stumbled upon the holy grail: Commit Lozenges (now called Nicorette Lozenges). It's a pill you can suck on to get your nicotine. Isn't that convenient?

Nicorette Lozenges really work. I can confirm this. It's exactly like smoking a cigarette, but without the smoke. These lozenges are advertised as a means to get off cigarettes. But in the real world, people either go back to smoking cigarettes -- or they use the substitute product on a permanent basis. Yes, they get off smoking but they stay on nicotine. As a result, tobacco is out and the drug industry is in. How fortuitous for them! In case the message didn't get through, what I've just described is the wholesale transfer of an addiction from one legal party to another.

And it gets dirtier. If you go to Amazon right now and click on the button to buy Nicorette Lozenges, a handy button will pop up, asking if you'd like to set up "regular deliveries" of Nicorette Lozenges . . . the product that the insert says to use for no more than 12 weeks. Does that make you go cold inside? It should. Addiction is literally written into the business model.

In this way, the government shifted control of nicotine from cigarette manufacturers to drug manufacturing companies. Now the drug lords can market nicotine any way they please. Makes you wonder how much they paid "our" elected officials for this favor, huh? A lot.

And now the Obama government is raiding legal California marijuana dispensaries. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that the drug manufacturers have paid a fortune to the political parties to guarantee that normal, traditional marijuana use of any sort -- including for valid medical purposes -- dies a quick death? If the government can eradicate the use of regular marijuana -- a simple plant that you can grow in your backyard for free -- then a drug company can sell marijuana to you, probably in many forms. So: free plant in one corner, companies making a fortune selling it in the other. It's simple. They take from you and me, and give to the drug industry. That's how it works these days in Washington DC.

Now you know why these raids are occurring: money. Money owns us. Money is god.