Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off-key singing

I am one of the poor souls in this world who cannot sing. It's the great tragedy of my life. In my head, I hear the music perfectly but I can't reproduce it with my voice. I can't sing! Sob.

Adding insult to injury, I noticed just today that I can't even whistle on-key. How this fact escaped me up till now, I don't know. It's weird because I can find a tune pretty easily on the piano -- by ear, in other words. I don't play well or even capably, mind you, but I can locate the melody on the keys. This tells me I don't have a tin ear. It hears just fine, thank you. And yet I can't even whistle a tune! I find this bizarre.

And it makes me wonder. If the mind of an accomplished singer could somehow be transferred into my body, would my body suddenly be able to sing -- and even sing well? Is singing just a mental trick?

What's your opinion? Would the mind of an accomplished singer be able to make the body of an off-key singer sing? I think the answer is yes.