Sunday, October 9, 2011

We worship the future?

Mark Vernon, at the philosophy and life blog, says something odd in his post about Steve Jobs' passing:
"I wonder whether the high adulation [of Jobs], even sanctification, is at least in part because we live in an age that worships the future". [Emphasis mine.]
Lordy. No one today "worships the future". No one even thinks about it. The future has been wiped from our memory coils because, as I've said here before, no one can even picture the human race going in a positive direction. We are heading directly toward doom.

I think we need to develop a reverence for the future, and my books are an attempt to get people to envision a positive road ahead. But we certainly don't live in an age that even respects the future. If we did, we'd be doing something about climate change, for one thing. But we don't care because there is no future. This is the new American Way.