Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sucked into the paywall

I give up. For months I've been reading the NY Times by using a software workaround to navigate the paywall. Worked great, by the way.

But I'm spending my nights now with a sick friend. This, in its way, led to me to subscribe to the Times. I need something to do over there while my friend sleeps, and TV is not my cup of tea (unless there's a baseball game on). There's Wi-Fi over there and of course I could use my friend's computer -- but I always hate to do that. It's like trading underwear with someone: too intimate.

So I bought an iPod Touch to entertain myself during the quiet hours when my friend is sleeping. I could have used the Times software workaround on the Touch, I guess. But I  wanted to simplify things so I subscribed. That's it. I'm past the paywall for good (as long as I keep paying).

The Touch (I keep wanting to call it the iTouch) will be useful. For instance, I can format my books for the Kindle and read them with a Kindle app on the iTouch. Rather than sit there and do nothing, I can search for lingering typos. And I'll be able to read the Times and browse the net and email and video-chat -- and visit other people's blogs. Sounds good. It comes next week.

Anyway, after saying here that I wouldn't subscribe to the NY Times, I did. I wanted to admit my transgression. We fought fair and square (except I cheated) and yet the paywall won. Maybe there's a moral there.