Thursday, October 27, 2011

No shame

From the AP this evening:
Tea party activists on Thursday accused officials in at least four cities of giving preferential treatment to anti-Wall Street protesters, and one group in Richmond is asking the city to repay $8,000 spent for permits and other needs.
Yes, that's exactly right. The OWS protesters who are being tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed and carried off to jail in throngs after demonstrating peacefully are being treated preferentially compared to the Tea Party activists who paraded around like idiots in red, white and blue outfits with tea bags on their heads while disrupting town halls all across America and being protected by the police.

These people have no shame. It's all about them and their pinched view of reality wherein they always get to play the victim. Yes, Tea Party idiots, we hear you loud and clear: it's all about you. That's your one and only message, isn't it? You're just so special!