Friday, October 28, 2011

So let's see . . .

No one ever died from smoking marijuana -- and people get killed and kill every day because of alcohol. That's the background for this post: the insane attitude our government has about this virtually harmless plant, and the blind eye with which it views alcohol's evils.

And now some poor kid got killed because of the government's prohibition policies against a very helpful weed. If this kid had access to normal, healthy pot he would be fine today.

Don't get me wrong. Kids should not smoke dope, even the authentic kind, until their brains mature. And by then they won't be kids -- because our brains don't mature until we're about 25 years old. Until then, they need to grow undisturbed, i.e., free from drugs and alcohol.

But in this instance, the boy discussed in the article would be alive if he had smoked real marijuana instead of the fake stuff that was all he could lay his hands on because it was legal. What's wrong with this picture? Outlaw harmful stuff, not kind, gentle, helpful stuff.