Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smart rats

I read a Stephen King short story years ago that I thought was great fun. I can't remember its title or the name of the collection, so there you go. (I tried googling it but my inadequate skills got me nowhere.)

It's about a man living in a house located near a secret government research facility. Unknown to our main character, scientists at this facility are trying to increase the intelligence of animals -- and of course they work with rats.

As per the rigid traditions of sci-fi stories, some of the smart rats escape and end up in this guy's kitchen cabinets. Smart rats. They can read.

I think he left the story in the air at the end, since I can't remember the ending. I foggily recall that the guy tried to poison the rats and they understood exactly what he was doing and were about to retaliate. And there the story ended. I liked it and wanted more.

Anyone out there read it? I'd like to know the story's title.