Saturday, April 14, 2012

Giddy fun

I must be going manic. I say this because I'm giddy. That's always the first sign. Well, that and ordering tons of things online.

Anyway, I find the following very funny. This is an actual sentence from a NYT travel article -- except I changed one letter.
As I pulled my suitcase down the cobbled, car-free lanes of Ciutadella, the island’s ancient capital, an ocher glow bloomed across the feces of residents who sat on the terraces of back-street bars, their voices echoing within a canyon of Gothic and Baroque buildings. 
What can I say? I find it funny. Did I mention that I'm giddy? It's just that the sentence was so overdone. It begged me to do this to it. Really it did. No, really.

I fully expect all the comments on this post to take the form of:
"It's about time you included Brit bathroom humor on your site! Well done!"