Thursday, April 19, 2012

What gets hits

It's always weird to look at your blog stats. Lots of people are visiting my site but I don't think they're very happy when they get here.

I say this because my derisive post about the Shroud of Turin is getting the most hits by far. It seems people google "Shroud of Turin" and somehow end up here. Something tells me these folks might not like what I said about the infamous fake shroud.

Which brings me to the other odd thing: they never comment. Never. Just this week, 260 people visited that post. Were they incensed to learn that the shroud is a fake? Did they huffily retreat and click on over to the Vatican's site? Are they praying for me now?

I have no idea because no one ever posts a comment. I think I sort of understand. There was a time in the past when I hesitated to comment on blogs, but I got over it. These people should, too. It would be fun to get some wingnut comments.

PS: The second most popular post is the one I wrote about Brian Wilson's sexuality. I wish the popey guy posts were the most popular. Maybe someday, huh?