Monday, April 23, 2012

How Norway is handling the Breivik trial

I think this is a story everyone should read. It's an AP report about the way Norway is treating Anders Behring Breivik's trial. He's the rightwing loon who killed all those kids. It's such a departure from the way things are done in our own wildly Christian country, where anger and hatred are the norm.

Note that Norway, by some estimates, is 70% atheist. This is how rational people handle things. It's reassuring to know that some people, somewhere, are reasonable. Judging by our ignorant-git US of A standards, you'd never know this sort of behavior was possible.

AP, by the way, totally missed the boat on this story. They say this:
The subdued atmosphere during the trial of a right-wing fanatic who confessed to slaughtering 77 people on July 22 reflects Norway's almost self-punishing efforts to avoid feelings of vengeance against the unrepentant gunman.
Indeed. Different from your way of doing things, so therefore "self-punishing", eh? They're doing exactly the right thing.