Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art and life commingle

I found this totally bizarre. The link leads to an article at Raw Story about various Syrian artists who turned to black humor this Christmas. Check out this excerpt:
One of the most poignant illustrations by graphic designer Sedki al-Imam shows Santa Claus riding his sleigh through a starry, deep blue sky but instead of reindeer it is being pulled by warplanes.
And rather than shower the earth with gifts, Imam’s Santa drops TNT-packed barrel bombs over Syria.
OMG! You saw the Santa video footage that was broadcast in the US this Christmas, right? For the first time, they added warplanes accompanying Santa's sleigh. Jeebus. That's a hair's-width away from this artist's vision.

How must he feel? How should we feel? We are weaponizing daily life in America. And drones will be moving into our public spaces, this year or next. It's inevitable. What a horrifying spectacle.

The American decline continues apace.