Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CarbonFin Outliner

I broke up with my last list-writing app, ListMaster. (Lots of L's in that sentence.) Although I recently said nice things about ListMaster on this blog, I added a negative postscript to that post. It's not a reliable app.

When you're writing a novel, you need tools that always work, like Scrivener, the god of writing software. But I still wanted something for my iPad: an app where I could store the ideas for upcoming scenes. Seems like it would be easy to find such an app, but there's a lot of junk out there.

However, through the grace of Dog's guidance, I finally landed on CarbonFin's digital doorstep. It's a great $5 app that backs up to CarbonFin's web site, so you can access the ideas on your desktop with ease. And not only that -- you can import the outlines into Scrivener! It's wonderful (at least, so far).

I'd tell you all about CarbonFin's virtues but I couldn't do it as well as Mathew Mitchell, who wrote this excellent post about the app.

If you need a reliable iPad app to store your words and ideas, CarbonFin might be a very good choice. It was for me.