Saturday, December 28, 2013

BSA to treat gay Scouts like lepers

Okay, maybe that wasn't their exact wording but I found this offensive. The link leads to an AP article that expands on the Boy Scouts of America's grand plan for dealing with gay Scouts -- who will enter the fold as of January 1st, in case you haven't been following this. Here are some depressing excerpts from the article:
A frequently-asked-questions document anticipates that some objections might surface from parents — or Scouts themselves — in cases where a unit includes an openly gay boy.
Regarding shower and toilet facilities, the BSA says it is encouraging units to provide greater individual privacy, including moving away from the tradition of group showers.

"The adult leaders have the discretion to arrange private showering times and locations," the BSA says. 
Oh, great. So their most excellent plan involves sequestering the gay boys to make them feel less than human. How giving -- and Christian, come to think of it! Always doing good, these BSA adults.

And they plan to open the doors wide to bigoted parents so they can insert their pinhead views into the scouting experience by kicking gay Scouts out of assigned tents -- should the mood strike them. In the excerpt below, BSA assures bigoted parents that they won't be forced into a situation where their lily-white innocent children might have to, you know, see the gay. Horrors! Not the gay! Here are BSA's own words, literally inviting bigoted parents to intrude into troop activities:
"If a Scout or parent of a Scout makes a request to not tent with another Scout, their wishes should be honored," says the BSA.
Lovely. Or rather, ugh!

Ah, but that's not all. Here's a final gem from the piece:
The biggest sponsor of Scout units — the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — commended the BSA for a "thoughtful, good-faith effort" to address a challenging issue, and said it would stay engaged in Scouting. 
That says it all. Hey BSA guys, let me make this real simple for you. If you're pleasing Mormons, you're doing it all wrong. Discriminating against gays is what Mormons do. When they say they like what you've done so far, that's the equivalent of receiving Satan's Seal of Approval.

It seems the Boy Scouts of America learned nothing during its recent tryst with teh gay. Their message as they begin to open their doors to gay scouts is: We're still gits and we'll always be gits. I hear you loud and clear, BSA. Thanks for this informative telegram from the abyss.