Tuesday, December 17, 2013

David Brooks, user of words

Today, a post at Pharyngula (called "David Brooks Still Has a Job?") led me to "Was it something I said?" by Charles P. Pierce. If you detest David Brooks, you'll enjoy reading this one. It's snark city, and well deserved.

As an aside, earlier today I noticed that Brooks' column was #7 on the "Most Emailed" list at the Times. Even then, before I'd heard about the intense stupidity of his latest column, I imagined that people must be sending it around to friends, with notes like "What a jerk!" and "Bobo strikes again!". No one is more out of it than David Brooks. I think anti-fans, who read him just to laugh at his words, account for much of his "popularity". He's like a freak show.

And he doesn't seem to know it. That is so weird.