Thursday, December 19, 2013

The cursed torch of the Sochi Olympics

Someone is sending Russia a message.
It was bad enough when the Olympic flame went out and had to be relit with a disposable lighter rather than the official backup flame, and even worse when a torchbearer managed somehow to set himself on fire in the Siberian city of Abakan.

But perhaps the low point in what has seemed less like an Olympic torch relay than an exercise in ineptitude and misfortune came earlier this week when one of the runners carrying the torch to the Sochi Games had a fatal heart attack while attempting to walk his allotted distance, about 218 yards.
OMD. A higher power seems to be sending Russia a stern message. It must be the Russian Orthodox Christian god, that Jeebus fellow. But, but...I thought Jeebus loved the Russian pogrom against gay people. Jeez!

Oh, the schadenfreude. It tickles.