Monday, December 23, 2013

Want to donate cash to a good cause?

Go read this story about the "Prancing Elites". I watched a few of the videos at the linked page. These guys are talented.

The story starts out in a way that may make you think it's anti-gay. But it definitely isn't. The Prancing Elites have been discriminated against, again and again. But they never give up. Here's the thing: all they want to do is dance safely. But no one will rent them a space to practice. And why? Because they're a black gay dance troupe and they live in the south. Yup, git country. So if you have some cash to help them out, head on over here. (That's a link to their Kickstarter page.)

Their honesty and non-adversarial attitude really lifted me up on this rainy, foggy afternoon, a mere two days before Xmas. Do click on the first link (here it is again) to learn more about their situation. As an enticement, here's a line from the story:
"It's OK for a woman to put on tights and play football, but when a man wants to put on leotard and tights, it's a problem."
You know you want to read that. Anyway, my thanks to the dancers of the Prancing Elites. You guys really gave me a boost today. May you live well and prosper!