Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What are you doing on Christmas Eve?

I know most of you will be getting together with family and friends for Xmas -- if not tonight, then tomorrow. Not me, though. Since I'm not a social being, I skip all the holiday hoopla. Yesterday I brought my gifts over to my sister's house, and they can rip into them tomorrow morning without me. I'm done with Xmas.

However, tonight I have two treats on hand. I recorded not one, but two Christmas episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show. I remember one of them -- when she gets stuck manning the station at WJM News (was that the name of the station?) on Xmas Eve. Of course, the gang shows up at the last moment to spend the evening with her. The other episode is a mystery to me, though I'm sure Xmas pathos will play a role. After all, it's the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And if I'm still eager to do Xmassy things after that, I've got a recording of The Bishop's Wife. Yes, I'm an atheist who can enjoy such a movie. Sure, it's goddy but it's mostly Xmassy. And hey, it's Cary Grant. I always like to watch Xmas movies that have a gay man in the lead role.

So. Watcha doing tonight and/or tomorrow? I'll understand if no one comments. Xmas is a slow time for blogs. Y'all got lives -- and I'm happy that you do.