Saturday, June 15, 2013

94-year-old scientist Dick Post still going strong

This guy is something else. He's like a teenage genius in a 94-year-old body. Here's a bit about him from physorg: 
The 1990s revived the interest in flywheels as storage for solar and other energy systems. Technology had finally caught up with ideas that Post had decades before: in a 1973 article for Scientific American - co-written with his son Stephen - Post envisioned flywheel uses for storing energy and powering cars and homes.

Post has been called the "father of the modern flywheel," a title he dismisses as "too generous." The rapidly spinning devices not only store energy with minimal losses, but they also generate it.

"It's a very old idea, storing energy in the form of rotation in an object," he said, comparing it to a potter's wheel.

Post visualizes underground installations of the graphite fiber-composite flywheels at power plants, and smaller devices for homes and cars. He hopes to test them within a year.

"Energy bills would be essentially zero," he said.
I mean, really. A 94-year-old guy is poised to invent a way to provide free power for everyone, regardless of income. I am truly impressed.

And all you old people who are farting around, doing nothing with your lives should take note. Age is not an excuse to vegetate. I suggest you drink a strong cup of espresso to get started. And then wake up!