Monday, June 3, 2013

Supreme Court issues un-American decision

WASHINGTON — A divided Supreme Court says police can legally take DNA without a warrant from those arrested in hopes of using it to solve old cases. 
It's not shocking that the current, foolish crew of Supreme Court justices would issue such an un-American decision. The founding fathers would be horrified.

Understand that this applies to people who are merely arrested. This means the police will arrest every person of color they see, just so they can enter the person's DNA into the system. This is not the sort of thing the United States should stand for, never mind instill into law. Yet these strange, elected creatures think it's fine. 

For interest's sake, note how the issue was viewed by our stalwart swing voter -- the man who is America's last hope against rule by the gibbering mob:
Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the Supreme Court, called DNA cheek swabs "a legitimate police booking procedure" like fingerprinting or photographing.
Long ago, the world admired the United States Supreme Court. That is no longer the case.