Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gay marriage triumphs despite church efforts

There's an article at the NYT today about the grand failure of the Roman Catholic church's efforts to stop gay marriage in the United States.

(BTW, I think the most amazing thing is that, to date, Catholic leaders haven't been able to provide one rational reason for their hatred of gays. This two-page article, although it quotes hateful priests left and right, provides no further understanding about the church's motivation. As far as the rational world is concerned, the church's effort to stalk and harm every gay person it encounters is based on simple meanness. It's wild that this is the case. Their nonexistent "loving god" apparently supports this behavior!)

There are a many gems in the article. Here are a few:
Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin warned Rhode Island lawmakers: "It is only with grave risk to our spiritual well-being and the common good of our society that we dare to redefine what God himself has created." The Legislature overwhelmingly voted days later to support same-sex marriage. 

[T]he archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, likened gay marriage to male breastfeeding...

Silk suggested that some Catholic leaders in the United States may be eroding their influence by "jumping up and down" to fight gay marriage despite strong public support. 

62 percent of American Catholics think same-sex marriages should be legal.
The thrust of the article is positive: despite the hatred that priests express for gay marriage, equality is winning the battle in legal chambers nation-wide. It's kinda fun. Take that, jeebus!