Friday, June 14, 2013

Odd story about latter-day hippies

SpiegelOnline delivers some unique perspectives. There's a story there today about a group of young people who want to save the rainforest. The interesting thing is how they're going about it: by using sex, nudity and pornography.

The writer focuses not only on the group, which is called "Fuck For Forest", but on a documentary that was made about them. It, too is called "Fuck For Forest".

The group's idea is to make porn, using themselves as models, and sell it. Then they'll take the money they earn, and save the rainforest with it. Offhand, I suspect it will take a lot of sex and porn to reach this lofty goal -- but that's their plan and they're sticking to it.

About the director of the documentary:
The director says two questions primarily interested him: "What price does one have to pay to live in a world without rules?" And: "Are these people freer than the rest of society?"
The view is negative throughout, in the article and apparently in the documentary, but I rather like these people. And I'm not sure whether the disapproval is based on what they're doing, or is simply a rejection of "idealism", which apparently is considered foolish in this day and age.

Anyway, it's an odd read and I thought you might enjoy it. You won't find an article like this in an American publication.